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RE: I can't install any program

Hello, Remove any version of sketch and any trans from your Mac using cleanmymac. Download Sketch again from this link:

mount the dmg and then double click the folder "Manual Install" (inside will be another dmg)
mount that dmg then you will see the sketch icon and drag it to the Applications folder wait for it to copy and then navigate to your Applications folder and open

Hope this helps

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RE: Malware in Pirated APPs?

I think its possible yes! But i've never seen or heard of a Mac having a virus.

As long as you use reputable sources and known cracker groups like TNT which 95% of Cmacapps releases are TNT Cracks then you have now worry. KeyGens are usually released by the group CORE.

I have been using and posting these releases for years and never had any issues.

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RE: Grammarly Premium for OS

Premium could be difficult given that it is Subscription based I believe. I will speak to some people.

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RE: App requests

@matus Downie you can just download the latest version from the developers website:

And use the Paddle Patcher to Patch it:

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RE: Airflow 2.1.0

Will look into it.


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