Error Hype Pro 3.5.2

0_1466251784589_error Hype 3.5.2.png

Keygen not working on this new version. On Hype Pro 3.5.1 works perfect.
Firstly this keygen works before I open Hype. But Hype wants from me to purchase
(when I opened this app). And then when I again try to patch Hype it open me this (picture).

Any ideas?

@Matus We will have to wait for a new Patch from Special [K]

@admin Hello, it is long time ago I wrote you, this app didn't work.
Can you please, please check it out and add working app?


@Matus Still no New Patch sorry.

From Reading I find instructions:

Remove with AppDelete
Copy program and a patch on the desktop and try again to apply the patch.

You could try Blocking in the hosts file:

@admin Thanks, that WORKS. Also there is new version of Hype 3.5.3 🙂

@admin Thank you 🙂

@matus Hi Matus Do you have Hype 3 Latest Version.

@admin How to activate the key for Hype

@bhaskar Current latest Version:

Also look here:

Run this in Commans Terminal:

sudo spctl --master-disable

@admin Thank you Very much Admin it's working fine.