WatchOS Bricks my Apple Watch

I'm experiencing a cycle of nothingness after using the config profile file posted here
... after entering my 4 digit password, the spinning wheel indicating the software update is loading seems completed and then just sits there on the screen... it's been 1.5 days now. on the charger/off the charger... doesn't matter

A hard reset wIth the buttons just repeats the same cycle of loading the attempt to load the software and then just stalling out. iPhone 7plus can't even see the watch yet as the upgrade doesn't seem to complete.

i'm basically bricked...

any suggestions?

I would never used beta versions of any Apple software.
At least not on my daily used (main) machine.

Here's a tutorial on how to go back to iOS 10.3.2 from iOS 11 →
I know, it's not watchOS, but principle should be the same.

Hope it'll works.

@jeffsbarnes Firstly that sucks! and sorry to hear your troubles. I personally used the profile posted in the Betas section and haven't had an issue nor should I or anyone else because it is taken directly from Apple Developer Portal.

Given that the profile has been downloaded over 10,000 times

and your the first to post issues I think it is safe to isolate the issue directly to you and not the profile.

(I know this isn't helpful but I am clarifying for our readers.)

As @Matus posted I would follow his link or Google for a better solution. Even contact apple just say you are a developer.

Hope this helps.