Sketch 45.1 issues with opening

I downloaded Sketch 45.1. The I made a copy of my previous version of Sketch to my desktop. Then I uninstalled previous version of Sketch with AppCleaner - I checked all options, so everything should be deleted.
Finally I opened Sketch 45.1 - I moved it into my Applications folder and Sketch didn't opened. At all. I also used Trip Mode app to block any internet connection which could Sketch possible made. Didn't help.

Any suggestions?

Try this:

Install into Applications Folder and run the following in terminal:

sudo codesign -f -s - /Applications/

Thanks, but it didn't help 😞
I experienced the same issue as before.

This is what I got after running your code in terminal:

Any advice how to fix this? Previous versions of Sketch works just fine.

@Matus From what I read it wont work if you have its connections blocked so remove the tripmode

@admin This didn't help either.

Thanks. Sketch 45.2 is working just fine.

Btw, how can I change the icon with shark to the original Sketch icon?

I replaced shark icons with icons from original Sketch app but the Sketch after that didn't open.

@Matus I grab the Demo version and just replace the icons from the Shark Release with the demo icons.

right click and get info then drop the icon from the demo onto the app icon in the get info dialog.