How to Crack Mac OS X Apps

Note this will only work for Mac App Store Apps and will not always work for all apps, Some apps require in depth Patching in order to be Cracked properly. This is just a simple how to crack mac apps to educate some people of the method.

For the sake of this Tutorial I am going to be using the game Pentumble

  • Download the Game/App from the MAS
  • Open your Applications Folder
  • Copy the Game/App to a Folder on your desktop
  • Right Click the Game/App and select "Show Package Contents"
  • Open "Contents Folder"
  • Right Click the "_MASReceipt" Folder (See ScreenShot below)
  • Delete the "_MASReceipt" Folder by moving it to trash
  • Go back to the Home directory of where you placed the Games/App
  • Launch the App"

Thats it!

If the App continues to open and or Game plays then there is no extra DRM added and you are all set to share it with friends and it should work as normal.

***Please note this will not work for All MAS Apps as some developers take extra precautions and add in checks to see if the _MASReceipt is present!***

Here is a Screenshot of a MAS app that doesn't play nice and knows/breaks when the _MASReceipt folder is removed: 0_1463803679295_Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 1.36.44 PM.png

This will require further Cracking/Patching because of the extra protection. You can still Spread/Share any Game/App this way and get it into the right hands for someone to do the Cracking/Patching for you. You can Contact Us and we may be able to help 😉

Hope this helps!

This post is deleted!
This post is deleted!