New App Requests

Hi All, Something I have noticed on the App Request Forum and please do not get me wrong here. I don't think a request for an App has been fulfilled since the beginning of the year, have not checked for later. If the site cannot fulfil requests, should that forum not be disabled or removed? I know requesting cracked apps is totally dependant on the community but should we rather just wait until an app is ready on the home page? I do appreciate what is done, don't get me wrong, but this is just an observation.

@keithox Hello, I put the forum here for people to discuss apps etc its not busy at all and have considered it being a complete waist but then again it doesn't cost anything to keep it going its just I don't have the time to maintain it and reply to every post.

The request section is just that a Request. You can request anything you want but it may or may not be fulfilled. It's not a priority at all.

Some apps requested may have been filled I just haven't had the time to link them on here.

But yea its not a priority unfortunately main reason for this is TIME and not enough of it 😉