Please Help With PAGES 6.0.5!!!!!!!

I downloaded the last version of pages to my iMac with iOS SIERRA and it doesn't work, my Mac says that the app is not good and that I should delete it, and as you know, pages is a basic app for everybody, so I ask you please crack a new version which works with iOS SIERRA and fix this problem, I appreciate a lot your work guys, anyway thank you very much.


Put the in you applications folder and then run this command in terminal:

sudo xattr -rd /Applications/

then try open

let me know how that goes.

thank you very much, it works very good now, appreciate a lot your help and work, may god bless you

You can also download Pages, Numbers and Keynote for free from App Store.
As you probably know Apple is writing on their website that these apps are pre-installed. But I haven't got it.
So I created new test user and log into it.
After that I log out from App Store.
Then I was able to download Pages, Numbers and Keynote in new user's App Store. You just have to click on "Download" button (it's free) and what's important, you have to log back into App Store with your Apple ID while downloading these apps.
That's it. You have full version in App Store.
Hope you understand this little tutorial 🙂

@Matus Thank you very much I will try it just right now so I will notice you how it goes after finish